Do you have a small company and like to reduce the absence of your employees or prevent RSI?
It is proven that after a few massages, employees are more energetic.

Massages are given on a massage table instead of sitting on a chair.

This gives the employee an opportunity to be completely out of his or her habit of sitting or standing. The masseur uses a special massage-oil with added etheric oil, which is specific for body and mind. Through a whole body massage it is possible to reduce cramps and pain in the legs, which can develop through sitting or standing for a long time. An added bonus is that the person comes to a complete rest, because the table carries his or her complete weight.

Massage sitting in a chair gives only attention to neck and shoulders.


The clinic of Nancy Lie is located in the centre of Hilversum and near the Media Park,( only 5 minutes).

It's also possible to book me for just 1 person. Do you want to surprise a special employee, for example on secretary day, you can book a massage already starting from 20 minutes.

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